World’s Best Equity Research Firms List

Equity research is needed to provide the market with more information. Failure to equip the market with this information will lead to inefficiencies and misrepresentation of stocks. Equity researchers are in the business of analyzing a stock and its industry, forming valuations. What analysts do is very valuable to businesses, because in this way they fill in unknown gaps in this or that data, making the job easier for investors. In this article, we will review the best equity research firms and describe their fields of activity and their features.

Bank #1 – JP Morgan Chases and Co. Overview

JP Morgan is the largest banking house in the world, which has become one of the most powerful and influential organizations five years after its inception in 1900. The bank has a huge amount of total assets and offers a wide range of products and services. This American company has extensive experience in the stock market, and because of this, it is now a leading investment bank with total revenues of more than $2 billion.


  • Service performance – you’ll find many unique services in this bank’s offerings that you probably won’t encounter anywhere else. The bank has a rich history of acquisitions of banks and other institutions
  • Office culture – the bank’s employees are true professionals in their business, they are interested in business and nothing but business. So if you want to buy up more stock, this is the place to be
  • Pros/Cons – the bank’s culture is a strong base that allows it to remain stable despite adversity, but the bank’s reputation is not impeccable and it has been involved in legal disputes several times

Second best equity research analyst – Merrill Lynch Review

Merrill Lynch has no equal in customer care. This bank firmly believes in its ability to provide world-class services to its clients. The organization came into existence after the merger of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in 2009. The firm is a perfect blend of local expertise and international experience, and the bank’s offerings include a wide variety of products for any company.


  • Service Performance – The firm’s clients include both public and private individuals. The bank is divided into two different locations, they are independent of each other but closely interconnected
  • Office Culture -The company serves clients from 12 different countries and has been recognized as one of the largest corporate banks. The organization is very appreciative of its employees, but customers are always the priority
  • Pros/Cons – Bank of America’s best decision was its partnership with Merrill Lynch. Together they were able to achieve revenue synergies and incur tremendous revenues. No weaknesses were identified.

Bank #3 – Credit Suisse Review

Credit Suisse is a Swiss organization headquartered in Zurich that is considered one of the best employers in the world. The bank provides its services in more than 50 countries, and its main approach to operations is a moderate approach to capital management, which is the main difference from its competitors.             

  • Service Performance – the bank branches out into four parts, investment, private, asset management, and general services group. After a series of crises in 2008, this bank was the one that suffered the least negative impact
  • Office culture – the bank has more than 48,000 employees, from 150 different countries. Given that the bank appears in 50 countries, it has a very large reach, which allows it to balance its revenue streams benefit and opportunities around the world in a winning way
  • Pros/Cons – the bank’s main strength is its number of employees and its ability to balance its revenue streams around the world, weaknesses have not been identified