Elevate Your Business with Drag and Drop Interface in board portals

It is impossible to imagine the successful activities of a modern enterprise engaged in projects without unique software solutions like a board portal. Therefore, board management software increases board meeting efficiency, automates business workflows, and improves decision-making.

Board portals in modern corporate management

Today, the degree of automation and digitalization in the development of information systems have reached a level that allows the business community to integrate into widespread globalization, and the data collected by commercial enterprises has become a new asset. However, this process is not carried out systematically; digital transformation is impossible without the enterprises’ high level of digital maturity and the corresponding competencies of employees. For this purpose, companies strive to find new, more secure ways to automate their routine operations and organize secure virtual collaboration and efficient data management.

The board management software is a powerful and universal platform providing ample business management opportunities. It allows you to effectively plan, organize and control projects, manage resources and teams, and keep track of work results.

According to buyer’s guide for board portals for nonprofits, the most common board software features are as follows:

  • Formation of tools for planning and monitoring the execution of assigned tasks and arranging online meetings;
  • Creation of a platform through which employees gain access to the information needed to work on the project, as well as tools for secure data sharing;
  • Creating a tool to automate work on routine operations;
  • Arranging a unified, well-protected data repository;
  • Control over project deadlines;
  • Control over the compliance of executed projects with the company’s goals.

A board management system can be developed as an integral part of an organization’s corporate information system, which also combines such components as monitoring the execution of orders, personnel records, preparation and approval of documents, etc.

Drag-and-drop interface in the board software: how does it work?

Drag-and-drop is a modern and intuitive mechanism for moving data within the user interface. It allows you to improve the user experience and increase data processing speed. The board management software also implements a mechanism to support drag-and-drop operations, with which you can transfer data between different form elements and more. For example, you can assign list items from one group to another, transfer data from a table to a field in a spreadsheet document, transfer text or a list of selected files, etc. The following controls support drag-and-drop operations in the board software:

  • table,
  • spreadsheet document field,
  • calendar field,
  • picture field,
  • planner field.

To be able to use drag-and-drop operations, you must specify appropriate properties for each control that has this capability. With the drag-and-drop feature, users can specify the document source, document type, desired action, extraction options, output destination, and validation type before automating the data extraction process.

Valuable benefits for business

If we highlight the main advantages of board portals, we should note the possibility of interacting with the team online and setting up electronic document management. It also becomes possible to control project costs, manage risks and prepare reports. The other important points include:

  • Saving time. Managers and business owners no longer have to rush to the other end of the city or country to sign a document or exchange important data with counterparties.
  • Productivity improvement. The board software ensures instant signing of electronic documents – without piles of papers, lengthy negotiations with counterparties and offline meetings.
  • Remoteness. The software provides productive collaboration and secure board meeting organization of the company regardless of how many hundreds of kilometers separate its employees.